isabel english 

Through the combined mediums of photography, textile and sculpture, Isabel English extends from the literary genre of autofiction - combining autobiographical truths with fictionalised renderings - to create contextually sensitive installations. English draws on the architecture of the home, fusing sites of personal significance with the politics of psychology. 

The concealing gestures of covering, protecting, layering and armouring become significant processes within her work, using these actions to trace onto the material properties of her practice. The absence of a figure (or wearer) is suggested in the objects that English locates within these settings, resurrected or located in details and images of personal loss. As viewers, one stumbles upon an undisclosed intimacy, positioning us towards human experience which is protected and concealed beyond the limits of language.


2023 Fly Floor The Complex, Dublin, Ireland

2022 Caesura Unit 44, Dublin, Ireland

2022 what we were or might be The Annex, NCAD, Dublin, Ireland

2019 Radical Arcadia Zaratan Arte Contemporânea with Catalyst Arts, Lisbon, Portugal 

2019 The Encounter That Never Was Kilkenny Arts Office Kilkenny, Ireland 

2019 Burning Down The House Tactic
Cork, Ireland

2018 Unclosed with The National Sculpture Factory, Fitzgeralds Park, Cork, Ireland 

2018 III Doswell Gallery, Rosscarbery, Cork, Ireland

2018 Homo Ludens (Man at Play) Black Church print Studios, Dublin, Ireland

2017 RDS Visual Art Awards RDS, Dublin, Ireland 

2017 Double Think James Barry Exhibition Centre, Cork, Ireland

2017 Beyond Dialogue CCAD Cork, Ireland 

2016 Murmuration The Village Hall, Cork Ireland